Selling knowledge based solutions, the role of knowledge habitats, knowledgebrokering and the development of market wisdom

In the current knowledge economy many professional earn a living because they operate as a trusted advisor which allow them to seek their insights to customers. Central in this process is knowledge transfer which implies that the contemporary knowledge broker educates his customers and his organization such that they become smarter professionals in dealing with their customers. Paradoxically from this interaction the knowledge broker also learns and gain expertise in his field. Becoming smarter is not the same as manipulating or influencing: in the latter case it is possible that a professional makes use of the weaknesses of the customer. A trusted advisor tries to show the weaknesses of his customers and helps him/her to cope with it. In this book Willem Verbeke shows what is required from a professional who seeks to operate as an excellent knowledge broker. One important concept in this book is that knowledge is embedded in knowledge habitats. In these knowledge habitats some professionals operate as stars while others operate as regular professionals. Using cases and examples from practice, Verbeke shows how knowledge brokers can reach these goals and how they can help their customers. In the end, Verbeke shows that selling knowledge implies the possession of market wisdom: in short by reading this book the reader can attain more wisdom about his profession.

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