ExploreMe tests the commercial leadership of professionals based on scientific knowledge from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and epigenetics. With the results of these tests we offer you tools to gain insight into yourself, or as we like to call it: to investigate or explore yourself.

Man is not a fixed being, but is capable of changing himself through learning. Central to this is the development of resilience. This means that people are able to become mentally stronger by taking on challenges, because resilience can only develop by experiencing challenges and setbacks. The central question we ask is not who you are, but how by developing the five fundamental ICCCT skills you can become mentally more resilient, which in turn increases your success as a professional knowledge broker.

In short: you will be able to discover yourself by taking this test. Hence, we invite you to discover and explore yourself. Remember, human behavioral is not deterministic, but people are capable of changing themselves and improve their capabilities. When you have insights in your capabilities, you will be able to change yourself and learn because we assume that you seek to achieve your own career which is seeking a higher position on the long-tail.

Our book "The resilient professional" (only available in Dutch)  describes the theory behind ExploreMe and also provides strategies which improves your professional leadership capabilities. Author Professor Willem Verbeke Ph.D. (right in the photo) is emeritus professor at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Verbeke did research about the human brain which allowed him to write impactful papers on neuro-economics/neuro-marketing. In addition he is co-owner of Professional Capital B.V. Rotterdam. Co-author Dave Teeuwsen (left in the photo) studied Behavioral Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics.

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About Willem Verbeke


Co-founder and co-owner of Professional Capital. He developed the ExploreMe.eu model that serves as a guideline for coaching and training of Professionals. As a trainer, Verbeke led more than 7,000 professionals in marketing and sales. He is co-founder of the SalesMBAin1Day.


Willem Verbeke studied philosophy at the University of Ghent and graduated on the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. He obtained his PhD in educational psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Since 1986 he has been affiliated with the Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam and from 1999 to 2020 he was appointed professor by special appointment in Sales and Account management.


Since 2020 he is professor emeritus at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Verbeke also attended short courses at Harvard University, Erasmus MC, Case Western Reserve University and University of California at Irvine. He also ran the Rotterdam marathon 9 times.


Publications & Books

Verbeke published more than 100 scientific papers and from them 10 appeared in the top 50 papers about business and economics as indicated by the Financial Times. At Google Scholar, he reached more than 9000+ citations.

Willem Verbeke op Google Scholar


He has authored 13 books including Successfully Shaping Key Accounts, Influencing Effectively, The Resilient Professional, I Understand Why I Sell So I Sell Better, I Network So I Exist.


Would you like to know more about our publications and books? Contact ExploreMe manager Wesley Stokkers:


Mobile:  + 31 6 39 77 71 57

E-mail: w.stokkers@professionalcapital.nl




  • FD Gazelle Award 2019, 2018, 2012, 2011 en 2010
  • Awarded Best Paper Award 2002 and 2013
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
  • Awarded the AMA Sales SIG “Excellence in Research Award for 2012”
  • Awarded Visibility Award ESE 2013
  • Awarded the Erasmus University Recognition for 25 Years of Loyal Service
  • Awarded Erasmus Trustfonds Grant to Undertake the Rotterdam leadership study (2015)
  • Awarded the top-10 research award from the Faculty of Economics
  • 2001-up to 2008, Awarded Star Member of ERIM from 2001-present
  • Nominated Best Management Book of the Year, 2003 at PIMS
  • Nominated teacher of the year 1999/2000 at the School of Economics Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Nominated Best Speaker of the Year, 1990 at the Euroform, The Netherlands
  • MSI, 1996 (Marketing Science Institute, Boston, USA) sponsored Project about Role Stress and Organizational Culture (with Jagdip Singh and Gary Rhoads)
  • Price Winner: Manager of the Most Profitable Business Unit at the Erasmus Entrepreneurial Center (1996).


Lectures and training

Lectures at Universities





300 interviews with the most important Dutch newspapers, trade journals, Dutch television and radio programs (such as with Van Gogh, BNR, Pauw and Witteman, SARA (VRT), Erasmus Television, Business class.


Curriculum vitae

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