Curious leadership: A discovery into the person behind the leader

In our current knowledge economy a company can become successful when it is capable to collect and select heterogenous knowledge which then is transformed into knowledge which is valuable for the customer. According to Willem Verbeke, only the curious leaders are capable to take on these tasks and in doing so they help in making their company more profitable. The curious leader can be characterized as a person who is open to ideas and to new developments. Curious leaders have two sides: on the one hand they are a bit recalcitrant and show paradoxical behavior. On the other side they can motivate their colleagues to remain curious and nurture their capacity to blend existing and new ideas with specific observations. If a curious leader can exemplify this latter behavior, then his colleagues-employees might prefer to keep working in the firm as they become excited about their work. 

“Curious Leadership” provides the reader with lots of insights about what it means to be a curious leader. Using examples and exercises the reader can gauge whether he is a curious leader, but most important reading the book allows the reader to become a more curious leader. 

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