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Self-reflection and social intelligence are the secret weapons of every successful salesperson. Social intelligence allows a salesperson to take a new perspective which is the customer’s perspective. These salespeople operate as knowledge brokers who not only sense that the customers wants but also why they need specific solutions. In the end these are the essential issues which allow that a customer is capable in providing solutions that fit the customer’s need or solves their problems.

Social intelligence is not an obvious capability. Gaining social intelligence implies constant work and effort in seeking to understand other people. Simply put: understanding other people it is not easy but it is a skill or capability that people can learn. The book shows how a sales professional can raise his/her social intelligence.

The authors show how successful salespeople can cultivate their social intelligence and how they can seize it or master it. Therefore they use the recent developments from biology, psychology and social neuroscience.

In this book, theoretical insights are illustrated with different anecdotes and cases taken from daily practice. In addition, best practices are provided.


Fish not only are herd animals that just react in school (or group) to changes in the environment. Research about rainbow fish shows that members of the fish species have complex personalities. 

The researchers placed a group of fish in a water tank that was unknown to them and to their surprise they responded in different ways to these stressful situations: one group sought to hide themselves from danger, others were explored their environment. According to the researchers every fish behaved consistently based on their personality trait when placed in another and for them new stressful situation.  

“This might show that specific personality traits of fish is affected they their genetic make-up,” according to Alistair Wilson, who is enthusiastic about this project. The next research goal is to gain insight in the way evolutionary forces have shaped these personalities and how they contribute to the preservation of the fish species.

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