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ExploreMe is all about building resilience for salespeople, account managers and commercial leaders


By developing more resilience, every salesperson, account manager and commercial leader can meet new challenges more decisively. Closing deals, selling yourself and products will be easier and more efficient after our training!



Successful salespeople, account managers and commercial leaders are battle hardened when they gradually overcome challenges, which we call small wins. They create feelings of happiness and self-confidence.

Resilience ➜ commercial success

We test the commercial leadership of salespeople and account managers based on years of development of scientific knowledge from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.


With the results of these tests, we offer you tools to gain insight into yourself so that you can increase your commercial resilience. This in turn increases your success in sales.


If you develop commercial resilience, you will become more successful as a salesperson and commercial leader.

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"Developing resilience will make you more successful as a salesperson and commercial leader"


Prof. Willem Verbeke PH.D.

Why resilience development?

In today's world, companies face more competition. This growing competition creates significant challenges for sellers and commercial leaders.


Think of repeatedly acquiring or calling new customers, being rejected by customers, forming new coalitions with other market parties, operating socially flexibly within networks and knowledge renewal through the selection of key accounts. And you also have to sell yourself within your own company.


Do you recognize this too? Then ExploreMe is for you!

The ZALVT principle

Successful salespeople, account managers and other commercial leaders are able to sensibly copy existing solutions. And to apply this acquired knowledge to their customers. In short, we regard this as knowledge brokerage. And that is a core concept for the ExploreMe Mindset of the seller and commercial leader.


Successful knowledge brokerage involves deploying the five fundamental skills that we collectively call the ZALVT principle.



The ExploreMe Tests

The ExploreMe mindset consists of multiple tests that help you become a resilient commercial leader, which in turn increases your commercial success. These tests explain to you the components of resilience and the ZALVT principle so that you can develop yourself into a better commercial leader who generates more sales.


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If your total score is above 5, we recommend that you contact us for free. We can guarantee to help you increase your resiliency in sales and commercial leadership with both your customers and colleagues. This generates more turnover and sales.


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Do you think ExploreMe is for you?

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